How to copy channel settings to another channel

Sometimes it is useful to copy the settings from one Transcode channel to another channel.  Currently there is no easy way to do that using the MComms Transcode GUI, but all the settings are stored in the Windows registry so it is possible to manipulate them there.

Note that you should take care when changing registry settings as it may cause MComms Transcode to stop working, if this happens to you don't fear you can delete all the settings for MComms Transcode and they will be re-created next time the Transcode GUI is started.  Please don't change any settings for other programs though.

Here's how to copy all the settings for Channel 1 to Channel 2:

  1. Close MComms Transcode GUI (this is important)
  2. Run regedit.exe
  3. Navigate to Computer\HKLM\Software\Wow6432\MComms Design\MComms Transcode\Channel 1
  4. Right click on Channel 1 and choose Export
  5. Open the .reg file in a text editor (we recommend Notepad++), be sure not to double click it as it will be imported back in to the registry.
  6. Find and Replace Channel 1 with Channel 2
  7. Save
  8. Double click the file to import it back to the registry and click Yes/OK
  9. In regedit Press F5 to refresh and your settings for Channel 2 should appear
  10. Start MComms Transcode GUI and restart Channel 2, it should start with your new settings.  Be sure to change the RTP ports and output URLs to that Channel 1 and 2 don't clash with each other.


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